Saturday, May 16, 2009

Welcome Little Jane

Life has been crazy, and I have given up on trying to update everything! But some things cannot be passed up. This past Tuesday threw us a little surprise when I woke up and to my water being broken. I actually didn't even realize it broke until I was at the hospital and they told me. We were at the hospital over 30 hours when they told me that my labor was not progressing whatsoever and they were going to have to do a c-section to get her out! This came as the biggest surprise of all because she was not even supposed to come out for four more weeks. Here are some pictures of the start of our new exciting adventure.

This is Jane and I in the recovery room. It was the first time that I was able to see her since they pulled her out. It was absolutely amazing to finally be able to hold her in my arms. Derek was able to go to the nursery with her and help clean her up and get ready to go. She still takes our breath away every time we get a look at her. Even though she was four weeks early, she weighed in at 5 lbs 12 oz and was 18.5 inches long. One of my favorite features on her is her long brown hair. I just can't get over what a beautiful baby I have! It didn't take to long to get her here once the doctors finally decided what they wanted to do. Derek said that the first incision took place at 12:30pm and our little girl was out and screaming by 12:46pm. There were no complications or problems, just one healthy kid with a great new set of lungs!!

This is Jane a day old. We were just hanging out in bed one time after her feeding. We love it when she opens her big blue eyes and just looks at us. She loves to snuggle with mommy and daddy, she is so spoiled. I don't know if she will ever be put down.

Aunt Megann is always so happy to come to the hospital to hold Jane while her parents sleep. It has been so wonderful to have so many freinds and family come and visit us while we have been here. Jane loves every one, especially her aunts.

This morning Derek didn't want to put her down after I was done feeding her so he picked her up and sunggled with her for the next few hours while they slept. I loved it. I kept looking over at them, it was so cute. Derek has fallen completely in love with Jane. He is always giving her kisses and telling her how beautiful she is, we are in trouble for the future.