Friday, September 3, 2010

What? You haven't heard????

Allow me to break the news to you!

I am now a big sister. My Mom and Dad get to find out in 24 days whether I will have a little brother or sister. Not quite sure how I feel about this whole situation.

Lets hope I learn to share by then.

- Jane

Summer Lov'n

Oh Utah

We went up to Utah twice this summer and I couldn't resist sharing some of our way to precious memories. Ok so I really just wanted to show Derek dressed up as a pirate. What would be a summer vacation without a Pirate Family Reunion. I was a little skeptical at first, but it was alot of fun.

Jane and her cousin Alex love to "play" together. Basically they just attack eachother and sees who wins the battle. He is a few months younger than her, but twice her size so it is usually not hard to predict the winner.

Look at these hot dogs!!!! Coolest hot dogs ever. The time that went into this afternoon was ridiculous, and all very much appreciated.

The family shot! You can't really see Jane's face but she is absolutly terrified of Derek. She did not like the mustache to say the least. Any time he got near her she would start crying. The child is literally death gripping me.

Instead of dressing Jane up as a pirate I thought it would be cute if all the nieces were fairies. So four tutu's later and way to much they are. Jane didn't exactly love her outfit. You can see that in the picture below as she has thrown herself on ground and cried.

Just my favorite picture ever. I can never get Derek to dress up for anything. I guess all we really needed was his mom's help.

Jane not really sure she is liking what she is seeing.

The reason why we went to Utah to begin with was because Derek had NCO training at Camp Williams. It was nice that we were able to go to Utah together, and I had family to hang out with while he was off playing soldier for two weeks. This is us at his graduation.

We had plenty of time to go explore in Grammy Tammy's backyard.

Swing on the swing.

Play in her cousin's sandbox and eat some sand for the first time. She loved it and kept going back for more.

We couldn't go to Utah and not go bowling. Jane was not to impressed.

The last week we were there we took some family pictures in the backyard. Here were just a few of my favorites.

Our Utah journey ended after three weeks. We went back up a month later for Derek's uncles funeral. It was a wonderful way to celebrate the life of a great man, and once again be so thankful for the gospel that we have in our lives.