Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Home at Last

So my post is a little delayed, but I never imagined being a new mom could be so tiring. I know everyone tells you how exhausting a new born is, but I don't think that anyone realizes how hard it is until you experience it for yourself. Derek and I have been having so much fun though. We cannot even begin to express how much we love our baby girl. She has been such a blessing in our lives.

After being in the hospital for five days we were finally able to come home. It felt absolutely wonderful to be home again, especially with our new little addition! We had such a good experience at Mercy Gilbert, and highly recommend it to anyone. Once Jane was home she slept so much better than when we were at the hospital.

This was her first attempt at a bath...or at least her first wipe down. Jane is so little that she didn't even come close to fitting in her new bath chair. She surprisingly didn't even cry. After her chord fell off though we did give her a real bath. It was short lived because Jane decided to poop everywhere. So Gross! Derek actually put on gloves to clean it up; I took the child. Needless to say that her next bath we kept her diaper on her just incase she felt the need to unload everything again.

After her bath we got Jane all dressed up and posed for a picture for Daddy. Thanks to Aunt Natalie for getting Jane some newborn onesies. They are the only clothes that fits her. I should have bought some preemie clothes, but who expects thier child to be four weeks early.

When we went to her first doctor's appointment they told us that she had some jaudice that we needed to get under control. In about a week and a half we had to go to the doctors four times and she had to get her blood taken four times. It was so sad. Everytime they took it I couldn't even look; Derek had to hold her. They did give us a light at home though to help keep it under control. That was such a blessing because this way we didn't have to go back to the hospital. After being on the blanket a week her levels came down and she is finally free!

Derek was able to stay home for two weeks, then it was back to work. It was more rough on mom than it was on Jane. It was hard not having him there, especially since I am still recovering from the c-section. We have been so lucky though to have so many family and friends stop by to visit and help. These are just a few pictures of our little girl hanging out with her pops. Everyday when Derek gets home from work he picks her up and suggles with her. He can't seem to get enough of his little girl.

Like most babies, Jane's favorite thing to do is sleep! Derek proped her up against me and litterally a few seconds later she was out. She is so adorable. We are all about her sleeping unless she needs to eat, and won't budge at all.

Derek and I are tired all the time, but are wonderful. I know I keep saying it, but we love Jane so much and thank our Heavenly Father everyday that we have her.