Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas

This year we stayed in AZ and had Christmas with my family. We missed our white Christmas in Utah, but it was great to be with the Carroll Side for the holidays. Derek and I got each other way to much....not too much of a surprise. Derek said he can't wait until our baby is here for next Christmas so I can spend all my energy on the child instead. On Christmas Eve we always go out to Olive Garden as a family. It was delicious as always, then we came straight home and got into our new pj's. We were so full we couldn't move to do anything else anyways. We hope everyone else had a great Christmas!

Hahaha, at my mom's side Christmas party my aunt wanted to get my first belly shot. Even though i thought there wasn't much to show. My crazy uncle couldn't help but jumping in the picture with me. Maybe I will get to where he is someday...just not any time soon I hope!

Coyotes Game!!

Playing some more catch up for October. Derek and I got some amazing tickets for the Phx Coyotes game through the military. For $80 we got two tickets (that were eight rows up from the ice), free shirts, hats, and dinner!! I never thought I was much of a hockey girl, but i loved it. If there is anyone who wants to go to the game we are always ready and willing to go!

My favorite part of the whole game was when the players would get into fights or bash each other into the walls! It was awesome!!

Derek shoving down some grub. It is always good to see him eating tons of food in one setting. I still make fun of him because no matter how much food he eats, he will never gain any weight.

So even though we lost the game it was still a blast to go too.

Brent's Homecoming

Derek and I couldn't resist the opportunity to go up to Utah, last October, to visit Brent and the family for his homecoming. Jennie threw a sweet party for Brent so everyone could come and see him again. It is always great to go up and see the family when ever we can squeeze it in.

Derek with a few of his brother (Travis, Matt, & Troy)! Believe it or not, but three of them are not in this picture. Needless to say there is never a dull moment in the Taylor household.

Check out this sweet cake that was made for Brent.

This picture was taken on October 19, just one day after we found out that we were pregnant with our little one. We wanted to try to capture some of the Fall colors that Utah has since back in AZ it gets a little slim.