Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Grandpa

In September of last year we found out that my Grandpa had cancer.  This was devastating to me because he has really been the only Grandpa I have had full time in my life.  Derek and I decided that a little trip to Arizona was in store. So Andrew and I packed up and headed home for a weekend in October.  

It was wonderful to see my family, but the time I was able to spend with my grandparents I will always cherish.  Sometimes it takes moments like this in your life to be reminded of how wonderful the gospel is. That one day we will be reunited again together. I will always be a little girl though, who desperately loves this grumpy old man.

October II

We didn't buy our pumpkins here, but the kids had a blast at this Amazing pumpkin patch.

 They had to look and sit on alot of pumpkins before they were satisfied.

Pumpkin patches are one of my favorite things to do in October.  We have so much fun. That weekend we took our pumpkins and did the best thing we have ever done, we painted instead of carved.  It made my life so much easier and until the kids can carve their own pumpkins paint and stickers is the way we are going!!

 Derek took some time off studying and we went to our ward trunk or treat.  One of the best parts of moving out to Texas has been our amazing ward family.  The transition here has gone smoothly because we were instantly greeted and loved.  I do believe that Andrew made an adorable monkey this year.

 Jane on the other hand decided she had to be a Dragon.  I went and got pictures done at JC Penney this year to document Jane's Halloween outfit.  She is about everything Princess until it comes to Halloween.

Best part of the trunk or treat was the car.  I always decorated it and for the longest time have wanted a strobe light to but in the back.  This year I seriously considered buying one until I realized I could probably get an app on my phone for one.  I found one on my phone and downloaded it and it was amazing!!

Halloween was so much fun. We had a few close friends over for cookie decorating and chili and cornbread.  There was a really nice turn out for trick or treating on the base and the kids finally understood the concept of knocking and getting candy!!

Jane cracked us up. She would not smile for the camera all night she just kept making silly faces.  

October....some serious catch up!!

 Andrew started Nursery in October.  It made for two happy parents and one sad Sunday School class.  Our class loved playing with Andrew every Sunday.

Jane started a gymnastics class here on base and loves it.

 Megann came to visit us in October and we had so much fun.  I think the highlight of our trip was when we went to Houston to visit our Aunt and Uncle. We stayed a few nights at their house and got spoiled rotten. It was like we were little all over again.
A little known fact about my sister is that she likes to climb trees.  Only this time it gave my poor aunt a heart attack and the kids were not to thirlled either.  I was the only one who thought it was funny and grabbed my camera.

The big adventure at my Aunt Gina's house was NASA and the Kema Boardwalk.  It was so much fun. The kids had a blast playing with all the space stuff and the adults didn't have a bad time either. 

 Jane is very excited to be chewing her first piece of gum!!

 We went on a tram ride around the actual nasa head quarters. Andrew and Jane's favorite part was the cows we passed nothing else. 

 After Nasa we went down to the coast for an amazing underwater dining experience at a restaurant called The Aquarium then we hit some rides and water.

We had so much together. So grateful that I have such amazing family in Texas and my sister who came to visit me!!