Sunday, February 22, 2009


Due to Michelle still being in Utah (my brother in law Aaron) can over last night at 11:30pm to come play some xbox with Derek! I was a sleep so I really didn't care to much what they did, and long as they didn't yell and wake me up! Yes that has happened before. So, much to my surprise when I woke up at 5:30 this morning to use the restroom and they were still up playing. I honestly could not believe my eyes. I am pretty sure that I called them morons and went back to bed! Derek finally crawled into bed at 6:30! I will never understand the strance that little boys can undergo when they are playing with thier toys! Shocking. I had to take a picture of them so I could remember that it actually happened! oh goodness. If anyone was wondering...yes that white laundry basket is full of Derek's candy. We had to upgrade from a basket! Just another one if his weaknesses!


Becca said...

You are the nicest wife in the world HANDS DOWN! I would have put my foot through the game WAY before that! You are a good woman! hehehe!

Michelle and Aaron said...

Such naughty little boys! Thanks for taking care of/pity on Aaron. I will give them a small amount of credit for not having woken you up. I am expecting a good easter basket from you this year!! Ladies, about the video games, if you can't beat them, join them. Then you can have fun together instead of arguing about it! You just need to find the right game.

By the way: I'm finally here Janel!!!!