Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jane's Blessing

Now that Jane's Daddy got back in the country we were able to do her blessing. We did it at Derek's Aunt and Uncle's home instead of at the church, just for a little more intimate setting. We were so blessed to have so many wonderful friends and family there. I was even happier that Jane didn't cry through the blessing.

Playing with Jane before everyone got there.

I was able to pass down my blessing dress to Jane. My Great Grandma made it for me, and now it will be Jane's dress to pass down to her daughter someday. It really meant to much to me to have her wear it.

Michelle with Beckham!

We call this face "the pirate" Jane does it all the time!


Becca said...

Seriously the sweetest baby! love her!

Jennie Taylor said...

Beautiful!!! I am so sorry we missed it!!!

Ry & Kenna said...

Can I just say she is adorable and you look AMAZING!!! Congrats Janel and how is Jane doing? Is she letting you get some rest? Is your hubby in town for a while? Love you!


Lindsey Stirling said...

you have a little angel!!! Cograts!