Monday, January 18, 2010

Eight Months

I thought my time in high school and college went fast, but since having Jane time has just flown by. I cannot believe that my baby girl is 8 months old. we went to the doctor last week and Jane weighed in at 15 pounds! May not seem like alot, but I have worked so hard to get her there.

Jane was playing with her dad on her slide and the static got to her hair.

Jane's new favorite thing is to stand up now. She loves holding on to our hands and walk around the house. I am sure she feels like such a big girl.


Bunka's said...

k first off, she is so cute i want to hug her and kiss her over and over. and yet... i havent even met her yet :(
2nd, you look beautiful.
3rd, i was redoing my blog last night and i had the same background you have now. haha that is twice now. last time i had the green polka dots with the bow and saw you had it too. last minute i changed the one you have to the one i have now. too funny.
i miss you friend alot. and it is heart breaking for me to see our kids growing up apart. one of these days we will live near each other. even if it has to be in the same Retirement Community. ;) love you

susan said...

She's so cute! And it almost looks like she has red hair in one of those pictures. When are we going to see pictures of the house?

Jessica said...

Janel...she is so dang cute! probably one of the cutiest babies ever!! i am loving these pictures you posted of her!

Becca said...

SOOOO cute!!!!!!! She needs to come see her aunt becca! I can see that is what she!