Saturday, June 26, 2010

My First Brithday

Still playing catch up.

Jane finally turned one in May. Where did this year go??? Not exactly sure. We had a little party, more for Derek and I than Jane.

Eating her cake. She didn't even get messy.

She had no interest what so ever in even looking at her presents, let alone opening them.

Her favorite part of the party was the water. She is our little fish. We have been loving our new pool. Now that we are back from Utah and it is nice and warm we can finally really get some good use out if it.

Jane is a walking machine and is now saying words like: no, mom, dad, tickle, what, and thank you. It never ceases to amaze me how much I love this little girl. She is my absolute life.


cherryl said...

haven't checked your blog for a little bit, LOVED your stripes in the bathroom... what, do stripes for me next!! loved the picture of jane screaming for brandons graduation. i can't believe jane says words, sophie says nothing, but waves at everyone that walks by her, and i was reminded again how sad deprived sophie is sleeping in our master bedroom closet when i saw jane's cute bedroom. loved the mothers day quote too. look at that, i read all your last blog posts, and its 12:30am when i should be in bed.

Katie Hastings said...

I can't believe sbe is one already! She is so adorable

Bunka's said...

i love her!

Becca said...

SOOOOO CUTE!!!! I cannot believe how big she is getting!