Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our Family

What a crazy two months this has been! Derek just got back last Friday from Columbia. It is not hard enough having a new born, but throw on being a single mother with her husband out of the country. I am surprised that I do not have any gray hair from the experience. I was so blessed to have such wonderful family who helped me out night and day getting me through the rough patches. I could not have survived without them. Life with Jane is starting to get so much fun. I am finally getting good blocks of sleep and can enjoy my time with her more during the day. She is still a handful but we love her so much.

Jane just had her two month check up and she came in with a whooping weight of 10 lbs 13 oz, and a height of 21.5 inches. I know she is still pretty small,but we love every inch of her. We just had a nephew born and I think that little Alex (Brent and Jennies little boy) will soon pass her in everything being just weeks old. Jane is healthy and happy (most of the time) we love having her around.

I have two new favorite things about Jane. The first is her smiles. She is starting to smile more and more everyday. Derek and I can't get enough of it. My second favorite thing is when she cries, she snorts. I know I shouldn't be laughing when she cry's but we have to do something to stay sane. Thanks to her new binkies we can now keep her a little more calm in the evening. I love being a mom, and Derek can never get enough of his little girl.

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Becca said...

So beautiful! Love you guys!