Tuesday, March 2, 2010

add a little flavor???

Derek and I are trying to get Jane to take formula. She was been a spoiled breast fed baby her whole life, and now her mommy would like a break. I am attempting to only feed her three times a day, and supplement with formula and baby food for the rest of her feedings. Well, Jane can't stand her formula and we really need her to start taking it. Does anyone know any tricks??? I am not exactly sure what to do.


Bunka's said...

adalie hated formula. she only had it a couple of times when i couldnt pump.
try goats milk. it has a lot of the nutrients like breast milk and most babies adapt to it easily and quickly. dont know about formula. good luck.

cherryl said...

I remember Carrie giving Cooper blue slushie in his bottle at Sea World one year. He LOVED it.

I have no helpful suggestions.

Katie Hastings said...

maybe try rice cereal in it if she likes that? we do that with some babies in the hospital that need to gain weight and wont take forula--but its hit and miss. You just cut a little bit bigger hole in the bottle nipple so it can get through...but real little so it doesnt come our too fast...good luck!!

Jeanette said...

My girls would never take formula either. I asked the Dr. what to do at about Jane's age, because I felt they needed more than I could give them. She said keep trying (not very helpful advice) she also told me I could start her on cows milk (whole milk) at 9 months. So Allie liked whole milk, and I breastfed her as long as I could. Good luck! I usually found if they have a preference not to drink formula, it is pretty hard to change.