Sunday, November 21, 2010


Out our way is the most adorable little Farm. Ok it is actually quite large and we loved going there this year. There was great food, rides, petting zoo -- all for the kids. Jane's couldn't get enough of the 'bumble bee' ride. Poor Derek took her on it again and again. Just thought we would share some of the fun pictures we took together.

My favorite place on the farm was the sunflower patch. Only in Arizona can you enjoy beautiful weather and flowers in October.

Jane's two favorite things in life: her Dad and candy.

Roaming through the pumpkins, finding her favorite.

This picture pretty much explains my life right now. Jane always wanting to be picked up, and my belly growing bigger everyday. The two things I see the most!!

The Halloween pictures are a little out of order. By the end of our ward trunk or treat Jane crashed pretty hard. Sadly, we still dragged her to one more Halloween party.

Our growing family. The little guy was a pumpkin, with the help of his Mom.

Jane was the cutest little lady bug. Her favorite part of the costume was her red shoes. She loves them, and I don't blame her. She never got the concept of getting candy from people, but there is always next year.

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Becca said...

Cutest ladybug EVER!