Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Special Day

This might seem like an ordinary Sunday for most, but it was the most wonderful for me. Jane has finally hit the 18 month mark and went into nursery at church. Yes, I can finally sit through primary and do my lesson without the 'Jane' distraction. It has been especially nice since Derek has been gone on Sundays.

Here is some of our Sunday morning together. Jane loves to look at books now and pretend to read them. She just got out of the shower and is looking a little crazy with the hair.

This is where Jane spends most of her time when Mommy gets ready -- in the sink. She likes to brush her teeth, and play/get into everything on the counter. She lost my power brush the other day and Derek found it days later in the shoe bin in our closet. The price I pay to keep my daughter entertained.


Kaylee Hartley said...

HAHA! She is sooo cute and growing up so fast!

Becca said...

Seriously she is so dang cute!

Ashley and Daniel Tanner said...

Thanks for telling me about the sink tricking Lucy is sooooo much better and my mirror only get some what damaged by water in the proccess but at least her hair is done.