Tuesday, February 16, 2010

...and the army goes rolling along

Derek's little brother Travis graduated from AT last month and we all headed down to Sierra Vista to go visit. I was presently surprised at how well Jane did on the trip down. I was a little nervous, because who likes a screaming baby. The picture above is Jane showing off her new face. She has been doing her "O" face for like a month now, she does it whenever she is excited or surprised. Awe, we love this little girl.

While waiting for Uncle Travis Jane had so much fun playing with her cousin Beckham. Beck didn't think is was so much fun, as you can tell by his face, he thought she was attacking him every time she got really excited. Take note of the special camo bow that I made Jane just for this special occasion. This girl really does have a bow for every outfit.

We ended up staying over night at the base between family day and the graduation. We really didn't feel the need to drive home three hours and then back the next day. Jane loved snuggling in mommy and daddy's bed in the morning.

Her special red, white, and blue outfit for the graduation. She always has one handy in her closet.

Derek, Michelle, Beckham, Travis, and Steve after the graduation. Is that not the cutest outfit that Beck is wearing. This family is definitely army strong!

Our little family.

This is the best hat for Jane, so true, so true!

All bundled up while we were walking to the airport to drop Travis off.

Jane and Uncle Travis playing.

We really did have a fun time all together. Travis is heading to California, and we are excited to go visit him this summer after Derek's training in Utah and his trip to Germany.

Jane also just turned nine months. She is getting so big! Her doctor appointment is this Friday and we are hoping she will hit 16 pounds. Still no teeth, and we are starting to get a little concerned.

The house is coming along, I am almost done painting downstairs and will post pictures soon.


Becca said...

Man...is every brother in the Army??? Sounds like you had fun, and Jane is just so sweet! We miss seeing her now that you have moved to "outer darkness!!" hehe!

jenna♥devon said...

How fun! It's awesome to be army strong! Don't be concerned she has no teeth yet! hahaha, londyn didn't pop her first till she was 10 months and some of my nieces and nephews didn't till they were a year to 13 months! She is normal :) CUTE pictures, she is a doll!!!

cherryl said...

I saw you updated your blog and was like, sweet, I get to see pictures of all my paint colors in her house.... but no house pictures. That's okay though because pictures of Jane are so cute.

Shantell said...

Very, very fun. Do you not love base housing? I love the price. And just so ya know, Mitchell did not have a single tooth on his first birthday!