Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jane's Room

These pictures have been a long time coming.

I figured I would start out with my favorite room in the house, which is Jane's.
I had someone come in and paint the flowers and they could not have turned out better.

This is actually Derek's old dresser as a kid. We took off the multi-colored knobs, and rebuilt a few drawers but we love it now. That poor picture has been sitting there for months now. We will get it up someday.

This is my favorite bag ever. I got it at the baby shower and have never used it because I don't want to ruin it. I thought the flower hangers worked perfect.

I have had so much fun putting Jane's room together. I want to add stripes to it, but only if our next baby is a girl. Not pregnant, just planning.


jenna♥devon said...

Oh my gosh Janel her room is gorgeous! I love it! I am so sorry for the crazy things that have happened- your trip to the ER,and losing a family member is sooo hard too! But Happy anniversary and happy bday to your man! Let's see more pics of your cute house soon!

cherryl said...

#1 I am not letting Sophie see this post, because then she will discover that not all babies her age sleep in their parents closet. Poor Sophie's room is lame and filled with shoes and clothes.
#2 What is up with taunting us with the taped off stripes you did, but no photos of the finished product!?
#3 Loved seeing your pool and your kitchen, so cute, and Jane's room was so darling too... the flowers were precious... again making me feel bad Sophie has a closet, oh well.