Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Arizona Biltmore

For our anniversary (now almost a month ago) Derek planned a surprise getaway for a night. I told him I could only be gone one night from Jane. SO he decided to do it in style since we only had one night to get everything in. We kissed Jane good-bye and left her in the good care of my sisters. Much to my surprise we went to the Arizona Biltmore, a beautiful resort, for our special night. There were all the pictures they had on their website. I took our camera but when I turned it on the battery went dead. The first picture is of the lobby. This place was amazing. I almost felt out of place.

This is a picture of their super ridiculous fancy restaurant that we ate at for dinner. I wish I could have told you everything we ate, but I couldn't pronounce it let alone remember it. Derek had a steak and I had the pork loin. Then for dessert....

We ate this, a chocolate souffle! It really was amazing...and for $20 it should have been.

The next morning Derek scheduled us an outside couple massage under a cabana. It was the most relaxing thing we have ever done together. I was a little worried about the weather, but no need...the table was heated. We had a great breakfast and lunch at the resort too, the food was incredible here. Jane was teething the whole time we were gone so her wonderful aunts had to deal with a grumpy, sick baby the whole time. Bless their hearts because without them we couldn't have gone and it was a much needed break. It was nice for it to be just the two of us again....even if it was for just one night.

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Becca said...

SOOOOO AWESOME!!! Can you have your husband talk to my husband!!!! I don't think Quinn has EVER, EVER surprised me with a night away! we may have gone away, but he has never done the planning! NOW, I have on the other hand..hehe! Seriously! SOOO FUN! I am so glad you had fun!